Breaking: Tinnitus Wipes 1% Of Your Memories Every Month

“It worked too well” - Tinnitus Cure Banned by the CCP Makes a Comeback

It started out innocently enough…


Working with limited resources in rural China, a doctor by the name of Chung T’Hsu sought to cure the ringing in his ears that was driving him mad.

He turned to traditional Chinese medicines, but took the exact ingredient specifications from Western studies

Finally, he did it, creating a treatment that cured 322 people within 7 days!

But instead of allowing the treatment to go public, the Chinese government classified it as a “state secret” and made his life a living hell.

Sound familiar?

That’s what happens to our best doctors here as well. They’re either paid off or threatened to keep their life-saving cures buried. Anything to keep the drug cartel that is modern Big Pharma happy and rich.

But I'm not going to let them intimidate me anymore! I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this up…

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